About Markazia

Established in 1999, Markazia (Central Trade and Auto Company) is the sole distributor of
Lexus, Toyota and Hino vehicles in Jordan. The market leader in automobile sales, after-sales
services and spare parts, Markazia boasts five dealerships, three maintenance centers and five
spare part warehouses across the Kingdom.

The ‘Lexus’ name is synonymous with the luxury lifestyle, under which Markazia ensures that
each and every one of its clients only ever ‘experiences amazing’. A high-end brand with a
passion for daring design, innovative technology and show-stopping performance, Lexus has
proven itself to be of a superior quality on all levels, with each its many striking vehicles emerging
as a leader in its class.

Markazia operates according to the Japanese ‘kaizen’ philosophy, which can be interpreted as
‘continuous improvement’. With kaizen in mind, Markazia provides only the best services and
products worthy of its clients, giving precedence to value for money, safety, quality, and

More than just a business, Markazia is a pillar of the Jordanian company, with an extensive
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program focused on the environment, road safety and
education. It aims to serve as a lifelong partner for Jordanians, especially youth, whose growth
and success positively reflect on not only the Company but the Kingdom.