Progress relies on change. Without evolution, nothing would improve. So it’s natural that Lexus, always striving to perfect its unique approach to luxury, is changing. But this time, the changes are happening faster and are more apparent.At their heart lies a greater emphasis on a harder-edged kind of driving pleasure – an evolutionary path trodden by the latest GS sedan, the LFA supercar, and, most recently, the LF-LC coupe. Many more will follow. So what, precisely, does this new era herald? Head of Lexus KiyotakaIse has a few answers:Lexus: How is the Lexus brand changing?Ise: We are aiming to make Lexus cars even more rewarding to drive and advanced in their use of technology – and their design will show this.How will that be reflected in their design?We were more into “elegant” in the past. Now we’re adding greater visual presence to that elegance. You should be able to identify a car as a Lexus immediately, but, until recently, this aspect has been a little lacking. Now that’s changing. Instant visual recognition, for example, is the reason behind our spindle grille – a prominent feature of the new GS and LF-LC coupe.It may look aggressive at first glance – that’s intentional – but it also conveys its boldness with sophistication and elegance. These sentiments reflect how Lexus is evolving.